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At Platinum Car Storage we pride ourselves on going that extra mile for our customers.

That's why we have added these additional options for you to choose form.


  • Car wash after use

  • Detailing services

  • Car Cover

  • Inflatable Car Cover

  • Mechanical inspections

  • Minor mechanical repairs/servicing

  • Pick up and delivery of the vehicle

  • Fitment of the battery isolation switch

  • We can arrange the sale of your vehicle, inspection, testing and documents without invading your valuable time, and conducted specifically to your instruction.

That's why we have added these additional options for you to choose form.


ISOLATE from the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment. 
STABILIZE by removing excess moisture, fuel/oil vapour and other contaminates from within the mini-environment. 
VENTILATE using the patented Active Airflow Concept. 
CIRCULATE isolated circulation within using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure. 
PROTECT your car and keep it in mint condition! 

Airflow System is the only system in the world that actively isolates, cleans and ventilates the air around the vehicle whilst garaged. 
Dampness in the average garage is often the result of a build-up of condensation. This, along with poor ventilation, can create the worst environment to keep any vehicle, even for a short period of time. 
The moisture problem is exacerbated each time the air temperature within the garage drops below the dew-point (ie. the temperature at which dew begins to form, which varies with the humidity and temperature of the atmosphere) when a little more moisture is absorbed into the building. 
Later, as the air temperature starts to rise again, the potential for drying is greatly reduced, usually entirely due to the poor air circulation and inadequate ventilation within the building. 

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